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I’m Kim

My mission is helping other food allergy parents learn more and feel confident when it comes to living your daily lives.  through my education as a dietitian and being a food allergy mom myself, I want to support your family.

My Story

I am a Registered Dietitian who was shocked when our daughter was first diagnosed with Food Allergies at six months old.  I was a new mom, excited to start solid foods.  The guidelines say to introduce Top Allergens early, so I started with peanut.  And…she got an allergic reaction.    

Since then, I’ve expanded my professional nutrition knowledge by completing the Professional Program through FARE.  This, combined with my personal experiences living as a food allergy mom, help me with my reach others.    

My mission to to help families take on this lifestyle and to help save time!  

My Philosophy

I enjoy translating Nutrition Science into manageable information for both individual clients and the Media.  With over 15 years experience as a Registered Dietitian, I excel at breaking down information so the audience can understand and prioritize a healthy and food allergy-safe life.  

“I translate Nutrition Science into soundbites”

I value the importance of good nutrition and feeding your family quality foods.  I provide tips to navigate tricky situations such as picky eating, recipe-substitution, and family vacations.  

Check out my Instagram Page to see lifestyle & recipe tips and my most recent Media collaborations.    

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Fun Facts

I bet you didn’t know:

I taught myself to cook through YouTube Videos and recipes and now it’s one of my favorite areas to help clients find ways that work for their family.

I love exploring different State Parks with my family and Lab!

A favorite childhood memory of mine is going to the community swim club and participating in their Competition Day with my sister and cousins.

I believe in focusing on what is going right and appreciating the little things…because they really are the big things, in life.  


staying current

In addition to my formal degrees, I complete many Continuing Education Hours to further my knowledge in various topics such as Nutrition and Behavior Changes. I also studied with FARE to learn the latest allergy information.   

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