introducing the…

Healthy Kitchen Dietitian Club

A haven for busy parents looking to nourish their family with ease and nutrition!  say goodbye to mealtime decisions as we provide you with weekly recipes and food allergy nutrition tips each week.

Are you feeling…

Overwhelmed with meal and snack times?  Do you feel like you are spending too much time thinking about what to make for dinner?    

  • The life of a food allergy parent can be stressful.  We are constantly thinking about what to buy, what to make, or what to bring to feed our kids.  
  • Does it feel like you are cooking the same 4 meals over and over and are stuck in a meal rut?  
  • Are you feeling defeated or isolated because your child is a picky eater and has a food allergy?

Would you like to…

Have a have a weekly plan guiding you through delicious, wholesome recipes that cater to your child’s food allergies?  

Save precious time in the kitchen….and cut down wasted money spent on weekly groceries.    

As a Registered Dietitian, I am here to help families feel more confident managing their food allergies.  The Feed My Family Club helps you enjoy a variety of balanced and tasty dishes, making dinnertime less stressful and more nutritious.   


introducing the

Healthy Kitchen Dietitian Club 

Ideal for busy parents that want to take the stress out of dinner and win back their night!

Also includes tips for food allergy families with picky eaters

Who Is The Program For?

This program is for you if you’d like to…

  • Relax more around dinner because you have a plan!  
  • Save time and money surrounding meals
  • Increase your confidence in your ability to take on food allergies and role model healthy habits for your child.
  • Take on picky eating and learn how manage it and reduce getting frustrated


How It Works

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Step 1: Join the Club

Join the Healthy Kitchen Dietian Club’s monthly membership

Step 2: Get your weekly recipes

After joining, you will get 4 recipes each week.  This will include a plan on how to incorporate them into your week.    

module 3: Taking action

You will have the steps to create balanced meals for your family each week!

What’s included

The Healthy Kitchen Dietitian Club includes:

  • Weekly Recipes and a game plan
  • Tips to feeding a family with food allergies
  • Additional handouts such as a New Foods tracker 

meet your coach

Hi! I’m Kim

Registered Dietitian and Food Allergy Mom

I’m a Registered Dietitian with over 15 years experience in Nutrition Science.  I’ve studied with FARE to learn the latest research about nutrition and food allergies.  I am a Food Allergy Mom living (and cooking) for the food allergy lifestyle.    

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